The Brewer

Kris has been brewing since 2012 and refounded Gud Bru in 2020 in the midst of the Pandemic. When the Best Defense we had against "Rona" was our Immunity.

The POSITIVE changes in mood/health and overal quality of life is worth sharing. "I absolutely love it I wish more people knew." I'm tickled your here. Thank you for taking the time to be.

(PROBIOTICS ARE ESPECIALLY beneficial Post Antibiotics treatment to add healthy flora back into your gut microbiome) Microbes out number human cells 1:10 we NEED them.

~Life is made up of actions, and actions begins with thoughts, and if our foods/gutmicrobiome affects our thoughts? We can assume if we change our foods/gutmcrobiome we will positively change our lives. 

Science agrees "The seat of our immunity" lies in our gut.  Which directly affects our mental  health. 

My 20+yrs as a trainer, I've witnessed how important health is "from the inside out." Invest in your health. You are worth it!
Only the Bougiest ingredients, from my famila to you & yours! Cheers!

Thank You Kindly,
Kris Lai (She/Her)