• I've had my water kefir/kombucha out all day. Is it still good to drink?

    "Yes, the flavor may slightly change due to the microbial activity having a party because of the warm temperatures. But it's still safe to drink. You can just rechill it or throw some ice cubes in it.

  • I forgot to put the bottles in to chill for a few days. Is it still ok to open?

    "Hard no, don't open it. It's still OK and perfectly fine to drink but it's SUPER PRESSURIZED  & CARBONATED. 
    I'd keep it really chilled (not frozen) for at least 3-4 days in the coldest spot of your fridge. Then open it over a sink with a cup OR outside.

  • Is it safe for my kids and Diabetic friendly?

    "Yes, It's made with Alkaline water, and full of beneficial enzymes, good bacteria and live probiotics.

    Zero food coloring. Nothing artifical, and NON-GMO.
    The Brewer's Mother is Diabetic and she drinks it EVERYDAY
  • Can I drink it at night?

    "Absolutely, there's no caffeine and it's low in sugar. A lot of people use it as healthy "mocktails" it's fun. Especially the Dragon Fruit Lychee in a Champagne Flute. The color is so beautiful. It may look like a Bubbly Rose. But it'll taste and make you feel way better. 

  • Is it ok to use it as a cocktail mixer?

    Yes, I would highly suggest rehydrating with Probiotics AFTER. BECAUSE, The microbiota in your gut has ALOT to do with how quick you recover from a hangover. 

  • Is there such a thing as too much Probiotics?

    There's always such a thing as too much. Standford School of Medicine suggests 6oz serving up to 3 times a day. Example, water kefir in the morning, yogurt at brunch, kimchi in the pm.