Osmanthus Oolong Jun Kombucha

  • Osmanthus Oolong Jun Kombucha
  • Osmanthus Oolong Jun Kombucha

Sensory Profile: Light, bright, slightly sweet flavor with a fruity, floral aroma following hints of apples and apricots.

Gui Hua (pronounced “gway hwah”) is the Chinese name for the fragrant osmanthus flower, which blossoms in the Phoenix Mountain area during tea season. In the final stages of processing, the leaves are baked with fresh osmanthus blossoms, “heat-infusing” the tea with the flower’s fragrant aroma.

Health Benefits: Naturally detoxing for the body, especially for the kidneys and liver. Improves skin, aids in eye health, increases immunity, aids in weight loss, suppresses appetite and gives relief to arthritis.

*3 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: ALAKALINE water, Raw Oregon honey, Oolong tea infused with Osmanthus flowers and billions of Happy Probiotic Microbiotas for your Gut.


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