The cold puts the partying healthy flora "TO SLEEP." So that the bottle doesn't OVER CARBONATE and spray out everywhere when it's opened.

We will both be sad.

  • The cold temperature also helps condition and round out the flavors. 

  • Also friendly because it's "Alive" the flavor profile will change with time. (because the probiotics will consume all the sugars and will continue to be come drier/tart)F

  • Probiotics are very "cleansing" and detoxing. (It will make you a regular at sham-poo-ing
  • The recommendation from Standford School of Medicine is 6oz of fermented foods/beverages 3x a day.

  • If you prefer to buy in stores (You reside in Oregon) please call/email to make sure it's stocked near you.

  • If you have any questions, interest in Wholesale, anything I can help with don't be shy reach out at [email protected]